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dev_unmap_progdev_unmap_progDevUnmapProgDevUnmapProg (Operator)


dev_unmap_progdev_unmap_progDevUnmapProgDevUnmapProg — Hide the main window.


dev_unmap_progdev_unmap_progDevUnmapProgDevUnmapProgDevUnmapProg is obsolete and is only provided for reasons of backward compatibility. New applications should use dev_close_tooldev_close_toolDevCloseToolDevCloseToolDevCloseTool with ToolType set to 'program_window' instead.


dev_unmap_prog( : : : )

Herror dev_unmap_prog()

Herror T_dev_unmap_prog()

void DevUnmapProg()

static void HOperatorSet.DevUnmapProg()


dev_unmap_progdev_unmap_progDevUnmapProgDevUnmapProgDevUnmapProg hides in MDI mode the main window and in SDI mode the program window so that it is no longer visible. It can be shown again by dev_map_progdev_map_progDevMapProgDevMapProgDevMapProg.

Attention: after hiding the main window there is no opportunity to enter and execute the dev_map_progdev_map_progDevMapProgDevMapProgDevMapProg operator. So take care that dev_unmap_progdev_unmap_progDevUnmapProgDevUnmapProgDevUnmapProg is only executed in continuous mode with a reachable dev_map_progdev_map_progDevMapProgDevMapProgDevMapProg operator.


This operator is not supported for code export.


dev_unmap_progdev_unmap_progDevUnmapProgDevUnmapProgDevUnmapProg always returns 2 (H_MSG_TRUE).

Possible Successors

dev_map_progdev_map_progDevMapProgDevMapProgDevMapProg, stopstopStopStopStop

See also

dev_map_pardev_map_parDevMapParDevMapParDevMapPar, dev_map_progdev_map_progDevMapProgDevMapProgDevMapProg, dev_map_vardev_map_varDevMapVarDevMapVarDevMapVar



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