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set_full_matrixset_full_matrixSetFullMatrixSetFullMatrix (Operator)


set_full_matrixset_full_matrixSetFullMatrixSetFullMatrix — Set all values of a matrix.


set_full_matrix( : : MatrixID, Values : )

Herror set_full_matrix(const Hlong MatrixID, double Values)

Herror T_set_full_matrix(const Htuple MatrixID, const Htuple Values)

void SetFullMatrix(const HTuple& MatrixID, const HTuple& Values)

void HMatrix::SetFullMatrix(const HTuple& Values) const

void HMatrix::SetFullMatrix(double Values) const

static void HOperatorSet.SetFullMatrix(HTuple matrixID, HTuple values)

void HMatrix.SetFullMatrix(HTuple values)

void HMatrix.SetFullMatrix(double values)


The operator set_full_matrixset_full_matrixSetFullMatrixSetFullMatrixSetFullMatrix sets all elements of the input MatrixMatrixMatrixMatrixmatrix defined by the matrix handle MatrixIDMatrixIDMatrixIDMatrixIDmatrixID. The values of the parameter ValuesValuesValuesValuesvalues can be a tuple of floating point or integer numbers. Integer numbers are converted to floating point numbers automatically. The parameter ValuesValuesValuesValuesvalues must contain all values in a row-major order, i.e., stored line by line. In addition, the number of elements in ValuesValuesValuesValuesvalues must be 1 or identical to the number of all elements of the matrix.

Note: The same result can be reached with the operator create_matrixcreate_matrixCreateMatrixCreateMatrixCreateMatrix. The advantage by using the operator set_full_matrixset_full_matrixSetFullMatrixSetFullMatrixSetFullMatrix is to recycle a matrix that is no longer needed. Thus, the runtime of the operation takes fewer time.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Execution Information

This operator modifies the state of the following input parameter:

The value of this parameter may not be shared across multiple threads without external synchronization.


MatrixIDMatrixIDMatrixIDMatrixIDmatrixID (input_control, state is modified)  matrix HMatrix, HTupleHTupleHtuple (integer) (IntPtr) (Hlong) (Hlong)

Matrix handle of the input matrix.

ValuesValuesValuesValuesvalues (input_control)  number(-array) HTupleHTupleHtuple (real / integer) (double / int / long) (double / Hlong) (double / Hlong)

Values to be set.


If the parameters are valid, the operator set_full_matrixset_full_matrixSetFullMatrixSetFullMatrixSetFullMatrix returns the value 2 (H_MSG_TRUE). If necessary, an exception is raised.

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