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add_channelsadd_channelsAddChannelsAddChannels (Operator)


add_channelsadd_channelsAddChannelsAddChannels — Add gray values to regions.


add_channels(Regions, Image : GrayRegions : : )

Herror add_channels(const Hobject Regions, const Hobject Image, Hobject* GrayRegions)

Herror T_add_channels(const Hobject Regions, const Hobject Image, Hobject* GrayRegions)

void AddChannels(const HObject& Regions, const HObject& Image, HObject* GrayRegions)

HImage HRegion::AddChannels(const HImage& Image) const

static void HOperatorSet.AddChannels(HObject regions, HObject image, out HObject grayRegions)

HImage HRegion.AddChannels(HImage image)


The operator add_channelsadd_channelsAddChannelsAddChannelsAddChannels creates an array of images GrayRegionsGrayRegionsGrayRegionsGrayRegionsgrayRegions with an element for every input region in RegionsRegionsRegionsRegionsregions. These images correspond to the input image ImageImageImageImageimage with a reduced domain, namely the intersection of the definition domain of the input image with the region. Thus, the new definition domain can be a subset of the region. Thereby the size of the image matrix is not changed and all channels of ImageImageImageImageimage are adopted.

Execution Information


RegionsRegionsRegionsRegionsregions (input_object)  region(-array) objectHRegionHRegionHobject

Input regions (without pixel values).

ImageImageImageImageimage (input_object)  (multichannel-)image objectHImageHImageHobject (byte / direction / cyclic / int1 / int2 / uint2 / int4 / int8 / real / complex / vector_field)

Input image with pixel values for regions.

GrayRegionsGrayRegionsGrayRegionsGrayRegionsgrayRegions (output_object)  image(-array) objectHImageHImageHobject * (byte / direction / cyclic / int1 / int2 / uint2 / int4 / int8 / real / complex / vector_field)

Output image(s) with regions and pixel values (one image per input region).

Number of elements: Regions == GrayRegions

Possible Predecessors

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Possible Successors

thresholdthresholdThresholdThresholdThreshold, regiongrowingregiongrowingRegiongrowingRegiongrowingRegiongrowing, get_domainget_domainGetDomainGetDomainGetDomain


change_domainchange_domainChangeDomainChangeDomainChangeDomain, reduce_domainreduce_domainReduceDomainReduceDomainReduceDomain

See also

full_domainfull_domainFullDomainFullDomainFullDomain, get_domainget_domainGetDomainGetDomainGetDomain, intersectionintersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersection



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