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dev_update_timedev_update_timeDevUpdateTimeDevUpdateTime (Operator)


dev_update_timedev_update_timeDevUpdateTimeDevUpdateTime — Switch time measurement for operators on or off.


dev_update_time( : : DisplayMode : )

Herror dev_update_time(const char* DisplayMode)

Herror T_dev_update_time(const Htuple DisplayMode)

void DevUpdateTime(const HTuple& DisplayMode)

static void HOperatorSet.DevUpdateTime(HTuple displayMode)


dev_update_timedev_update_timeDevUpdateTimeDevUpdateTimeDevUpdateTime controls whether the execution time of an operator is displayed.

For measuring the execution time of a sequence of operators all update options should be switched off in order to reduce the influence of the runtime of GUI updates in HDevelop. For this the operators dev_update_pcdev_update_pcDevUpdatePcDevUpdatePcDevUpdatePc, dev_update_timedev_update_timeDevUpdateTimeDevUpdateTimeDevUpdateTime, dev_update_vardev_update_varDevUpdateVarDevUpdateVarDevUpdateVar, and dev_update_windowdev_update_windowDevUpdateWindowDevUpdateWindowDevUpdateWindow or the procedures dev_update_on and dev_update_off can be used.

This option can also be controlled via the Preferences dialog: Edit -> Preferences -> Runtime Settings -> Show Processing Time.


This operator is not supported for code export.


DisplayModeDisplayModeDisplayModeDisplayModedisplayMode (input_control)  string HTupleHTupleHtuple (string) (string) (HString) (char*)

Mode for graphic output.

Default value: 'off' "off" "off" "off" "off"

List of values: 'off'"off""off""off""off", 'on'"on""on""on""on"


If the values of the specified parameters are correct, dev_update_timedev_update_timeDevUpdateTimeDevUpdateTimeDevUpdateTime returns 2 (H_MSG_TRUE). Otherwise an exception is raised and an error code returned.

See also

dev_update_pcdev_update_pcDevUpdatePcDevUpdatePcDevUpdatePc, dev_update_windowdev_update_windowDevUpdateWindowDevUpdateWindowDevUpdateWindow, dev_update_vardev_update_varDevUpdateVarDevUpdateVarDevUpdateVar



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