calibrate_sheet_of_lightT_calibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLight (Operator)


calibrate_sheet_of_lightT_calibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLight — Calibrate a sheet-of-light setup with a 3D calibration object.


calibrate_sheet_of_light( : : SheetOfLightModelID : Error)

Herror T_calibrate_sheet_of_light(const Htuple SheetOfLightModelID, Htuple* Error)

void CalibrateSheetOfLight(const HTuple& SheetOfLightModelID, HTuple* Error)

double HSheetOfLightModel::CalibrateSheetOfLight() const

static void HOperatorSet.CalibrateSheetOfLight(HTuple sheetOfLightModelID, out HTuple error)

double HSheetOfLightModel.CalibrateSheetOfLight()


calibrate_sheet_of_lightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLight calibrates the sheet-of-light setup SheetOfLightModelIDSheetOfLightModelIDSheetOfLightModelIDSheetOfLightModelIDsheetOfLightModelID from one disparity image of a 3D calibration object and returns the back projection error of the optimization in ErrorErrorErrorErrorerror.


The calibration of a sheet-of-light setup with calibrate_sheet_of_lightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLight is simpler than the calibration of a sheet-of-light setup with standard HALCON calibration plates, which is shown in the HDevelop example calibrate_sheet_of_light_calplate.hdev. It is only necessary to obtain one uncalibrated reconstruction, i.e., a disparity image, of a special 3D calibration object to calibrate the sheet-of-light model.

In the following, the steps that are necessary for the calibration are described.

Calibration of a sheet-of-light setup

Supply of a 3D calibration object

A special 3D calibration object must be provided. This calibration object must correspond to the CAD model created with create_sheet_of_light_calib_objectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObject. The 3D calibration object has an inclined plane on which a truncated pyramid is located. It has a thinner side, which is hereinafter referred to as front side. The thicker side is referred to as back side of the calibration object.

The dimensions of the calibration object should be chosen such that the calibration object covers the complete measuring volume. Be aware, that only parts on the 3D calibration object above 'HeightMin'"HeightMin""HeightMin""HeightMin""HeightMin" (see create_sheet_of_light_calib_objectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObject) are taken into account.

The CAD model, which is written as a DXF file, also serves as description file of the calibration object.

Preparation of the sheet-of-light model

To prepare a sheet-of-light model for the calibration, the following steps must be performed.

Uncalibrated reconstruction of the 3D calibration object

The 3D calibration object must be reconstructed with the (uncalibrated) sheet-of-light model prepared above, i.e., a disparity image of the 3D calibration object must be created.

Disparity image of a calibration object

For this, the calibration object must be oriented such that either its front side or its back side intersect the lightplane first (i.e., the movement vector should be parallel to the Y axis of the calibration object, see create_sheet_of_light_calib_objectcreate_sheet_of_light_calib_objectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObjectCreateSheetOfLightCalibObject). As far as possible, the domain of the disparity image of the calibration object should be restricted to the calibration object. Besides, the domain of the disparity image should have no holes on the truncated pyramid. All four sides of the truncated pyramid must be clearly visible.

Calibration of the sheet-of-light setup

The calibration is then performed with calibrate_sheet_of_lightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLight. The returned ErrorErrorErrorErrorerror is the RMS of the distance of the reconstructed points to the calibration object in meters.

For sheet-of-light models calibrated with calibrate_sheet_of_lightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLight, in rare cases the parameters might yield an unrealistic setup. However, the quality of measurements performed with the calibrated parameters is not affected.

Execution Information

This operator modifies the state of the following input parameter:

During execution of this operator, access to the value of this parameter must be synchronized if it is used across multiple threads.


SheetOfLightModelIDSheetOfLightModelIDSheetOfLightModelIDSheetOfLightModelIDsheetOfLightModelID (input_control, state is modified)  sheet_of_light_model HSheetOfLightModel, HTupleHTupleHtuple (handle) (IntPtr) (HHandle) (handle)

Handle of the sheet-of-light model.

ErrorErrorErrorErrorerror (output_control)  number HTupleHTupleHtuple (real) (double) (double) (double)

Average back projection error of the optimization.

Example (HDevelop)

* Calibrate a sheet-of-light model with a 3D calibration object
gen_rectangle1 (Rectangle, 300, 0, 800, 1023)
CameraParam := ['area_scan_division', 0.016, 0, 4.65e-6, 4.65e-6, \
                640.0, 512.0, 1280, 1024]
create_sheet_of_light_model (Rectangle, 'min_gray', 50, SheetOfLightModelID)
set_sheet_of_light_param (SheetOfLightModelID, 'camera_parameter', \
set_sheet_of_light_param (SheetOfLightModelID, 'calibration_object', \
* Uncalibrated reconstruction of the calibration object
for ProfileIndex := 1 to 1000 by 1
    grab_image_async (Image, AcqHandle, -1)
    measure_profile_sheet_of_light (Image, SheetOfLightModelID, [])
* Calibration of the sheet-of-light-model
calibrate_sheet_of_light (SheetOfLightModelID, Error)
* Now get a calibrated reconstruction of the calibration object
get_sheet_of_light_result_object_model_3d (SheetOfLightModelID, \


The operator calibrate_sheet_of_lightcalibrate_sheet_of_lightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLightCalibrateSheetOfLight returns the value 2 (H_MSG_TRUE) if the calibration was successful. Otherwise, an exception will be raised.

Possible Predecessors

create_sheet_of_light_modelcreate_sheet_of_light_modelCreateSheetOfLightModelCreateSheetOfLightModelCreateSheetOfLightModel, set_sheet_of_light_paramset_sheet_of_light_paramSetSheetOfLightParamSetSheetOfLightParamSetSheetOfLightParam, set_profile_sheet_of_lightset_profile_sheet_of_lightSetProfileSheetOfLightSetProfileSheetOfLightSetProfileSheetOfLight, measure_profile_sheet_of_lightmeasure_profile_sheet_of_lightMeasureProfileSheetOfLightMeasureProfileSheetOfLightMeasureProfileSheetOfLight

Possible Successors

set_profile_sheet_of_lightset_profile_sheet_of_lightSetProfileSheetOfLightSetProfileSheetOfLightSetProfileSheetOfLight, apply_sheet_of_light_calibrationapply_sheet_of_light_calibrationApplySheetOfLightCalibrationApplySheetOfLightCalibrationApplySheetOfLightCalibration


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