disp_channelT_disp_channelDispChannelDispChannel (Operator)


disp_channelT_disp_channelDispChannelDispChannel — Displays images with several channels.


disp_channel(MultichannelImage : : WindowHandle, Channel : )

Herror T_disp_channel(const Hobject MultichannelImage, const Htuple WindowHandle, const Htuple Channel)

void DispChannel(const HObject& MultichannelImage, const HTuple& WindowHandle, const HTuple& Channel)

void HImage::DispChannel(const HWindow& WindowHandle, const HTuple& Channel) const

void HImage::DispChannel(const HWindow& WindowHandle, Hlong Channel) const

void HWindow::DispChannel(const HImage& MultichannelImage, const HTuple& Channel) const

void HWindow::DispChannel(const HImage& MultichannelImage, Hlong Channel) const

static void HOperatorSet.DispChannel(HObject multichannelImage, HTuple windowHandle, HTuple channel)

void HImage.DispChannel(HWindow windowHandle, HTuple channel)

void HImage.DispChannel(HWindow windowHandle, int channel)

void HWindow.DispChannel(HImage multichannelImage, HTuple channel)

void HWindow.DispChannel(HImage multichannelImage, int channel)


disp_channeldisp_channelDispChannelDispChannelDispChannel displays an image in the output window. It is possible to display several images with one call. In this case the images are displayed one after another. If the definition domains of the images overlap only the last image is visible. The parameter ChannelChannelChannelChannelchannel defines the number of the channel that is displayed. For RGB-images the three color channels have to be used within a tuple parameter. For more information see disp_imagedisp_imageDispImageDispImageDispImage.

Execution Information


MultichannelImageMultichannelImageMultichannelImageMultichannelImagemultichannelImage (input_object)  (multichannel-)image(-array) objectHImageHImageHobject (byte / direction / cyclic / int1 / int2 / uint2 / int4 / int8 / real / complex / vector_field)

Multichannel images to be displayed.

WindowHandleWindowHandleWindowHandleWindowHandlewindowHandle (input_control)  window HWindow, HTupleHTupleHtuple (handle) (IntPtr) (HHandle) (handle)

Window handle.

ChannelChannelChannelChannelchannel (input_control)  integer(-array) HTupleHTupleHtuple (integer) (int / long) (Hlong) (Hlong)

Number of channel or the numbers of the RGB-channels

Default value: 1

Suggested values: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Example (HDevelop)

count_channels (Image, Channels)
for I := 1 to Channels by 1
    disp_channel (Image, WindowHandle, I)


If the used images contain valid values and a correct output mode is set, disp_channeldisp_channelDispChannelDispChannelDispChannel returns 2 (H_MSG_TRUE). Otherwise an exception is raised.

Possible Predecessors

open_windowopen_windowOpenWindowOpenWindowOpenWindow, set_rgbset_rgbSetRgbSetRgbSetRgb, set_lutset_lutSetLutSetLutSetLut, set_hsiset_hsiSetHsiSetHsiSetHsi


disp_imagedisp_imageDispImageDispImageDispImage, disp_colordisp_colorDispColorDispColorDispColor

See also

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