interrupt_operatorinterrupt_operatorInterruptOperatorInterruptOperator (Operator)


interrupt_operatorinterrupt_operatorInterruptOperatorInterruptOperator — Attempt to interrupt an operator running in a different thread.


interrupt_operator( : : HThreadID, Mode : )

Herror interrupt_operator(const Hlong HThreadID, const char* Mode)

Herror T_interrupt_operator(const Htuple HThreadID, const Htuple Mode)

void InterruptOperator(const HTuple& HThreadID, const HTuple& Mode)

static void HSystem::InterruptOperator(Hlong HThreadID, const HString& Mode)

static void HSystem::InterruptOperator(Hlong HThreadID, const char* Mode)

static void HSystem::InterruptOperator(Hlong HThreadID, const wchar_t* Mode)   (Windows only)

static void HOperatorSet.InterruptOperator(HTuple HThreadID, HTuple mode)

static void HSystem.InterruptOperator(int HThreadID, string mode)


interrupt_operatorinterrupt_operatorInterruptOperatorInterruptOperatorInterruptOperator attempts to gracefully interrupt the operator currently running in the HALCON thread represented by HThreadIDHThreadIDHThreadIDHThreadIDHThreadID. If that currently running operator supports interruption, it will abort its execution depending on ModeModeModeModemode (see below). If the thread is currently not executing any operator, or if the currently running operator does not support interruptions, interrupt_operatorinterrupt_operatorInterruptOperatorInterruptOperatorInterruptOperator is a no-op. The execution of any future operator in the other thread is not affected.

The ID representing a thread can be obtained with get_current_hthread_idget_current_hthread_idGetCurrentHthreadIdGetCurrentHthreadIdGetCurrentHthreadId.

interrupt_operatorinterrupt_operatorInterruptOperatorInterruptOperatorInterruptOperator supports currently only one type of interruption, which can be set in ModeModeModeModemode. Note that the corresponding type must also be supported by the operator currently running in the other thread. To determine if an operator is interruptible and which kind of interrupts it supports, please see the "Execution Information" section of the operator documentation or query the information using the parameter 'interrupt_mode'"interrupt_mode""interrupt_mode""interrupt_mode""interrupt_mode" of the operator get_operator_infoget_operator_infoGetOperatorInfoGetOperatorInfoGetOperatorInfo.

Some operators, for which no interruptibility is mentioned in the reference documentation, can still be interrupted at some points of their execution. However, such interruptabilities are not guaranteed and can change without further notice between different versions of HALCON.


Abort the execution of the operator. All results computed by the operator are discarded and the operator returns the error code H_ERR_CANCEL (22).


Note that not all operators support interruption. If a given operator supports interruptions and which modes are supported is described in the execution information section of the reference documentation of the corresponding operator.

Also note that there is no hard guarantee about the granularity of the interruption. The granularity can depend on the operator, its input data and the speed of the device. It is typically finer than 10 ms.

Execution Information


HThreadIDHThreadIDHThreadIDHThreadIDHThreadID (input_control)  integer HTupleHTupleHtuple (integer) (int / long) (Hlong) (Hlong)

Thread that runs the operator to interrupt.

ModeModeModeModemode (input_control)  string HTupleHTupleHtuple (string) (string) (HString) (char*)

Interruption mode.

Default value: 'cancel' "cancel" "cancel" "cancel" "cancel"

List of values: 'cancel'"cancel""cancel""cancel""cancel"

Example (HDevelop)

global tuple HThreadID
get_current_hthread_id (HThreadID)
* call some slow operator...

* In a different thread
* Interrupt the long-running operator in the other thread
interrupt_operator (HThreadID, 'cancel')


If all the operator parameters are valid, interrupt_operatorinterrupt_operatorInterruptOperatorInterruptOperatorInterruptOperator returns 2 (H_MSG_TRUE). Otherwise an exception is raised.

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See also

get_current_hthread_idget_current_hthread_idGetCurrentHthreadIdGetCurrentHthreadIdGetCurrentHthreadId, set_operator_timeoutset_operator_timeoutSetOperatorTimeoutSetOperatorTimeoutSetOperatorTimeout