remove_dict_keyT_remove_dict_keyRemoveDictKeyRemoveDictKey (Operator)


remove_dict_keyT_remove_dict_keyRemoveDictKeyRemoveDictKey — Remove keys from a dictionary.


remove_dict_key( : : DictHandle, Key : )

Herror T_remove_dict_key(const Htuple DictHandle, const Htuple Key)

void RemoveDictKey(const HTuple& DictHandle, const HTuple& Key)

void HDict::RemoveDictKey(const HTuple& Key) const

void HDict::RemoveDictKey(const HString& Key) const

void HDict::RemoveDictKey(const char* Key) const

void HDict::RemoveDictKey(const wchar_t* Key) const   (Windows only)

static void HOperatorSet.RemoveDictKey(HTuple dictHandle, HTuple key)

void HDict.RemoveDictKey(HTuple key)

void HDict.RemoveDictKey(string key)


remove_dict_keyremove_dict_keyRemoveDictKeyRemoveDictKeyRemoveDictKey removes the keys specified in KeyKeyKeyKeykey from the dictionary passed in DictHandleDictHandleDictHandleDictHandledictHandle and releases all the (tuple or object) data associated with those keys.

If an error occurs while processing one or more keys (in particular if a key is invalid), the operator attempts to continue removing as many keys as possible before reporting an appropriate failure.

Execution Information

This operator modifies the state of the following input parameter:

During execution of this operator, access to the value of this parameter must be synchronized if it is used across multiple threads.


DictHandleDictHandleDictHandleDictHandledictHandle (input_control, state is modified)  dict HDict, HTupleHTupleHtuple (handle) (IntPtr) (HHandle) (handle)

Dictionary handle.

Number of elements: DictHandle == 1

KeyKeyKeyKeykey (input_control)  string(-array) HTupleHTupleHtuple (string / integer) (string / int / long) (HString / Hlong) (char* / Hlong)

Key to remove.

Restriction: length(Key) > 0

Example (HDevelop)

* Remove all keys
get_dict_param (Dict, 'keys', [], Keys)
remove_dict_key (Dict, Keys)


If all the operator parameters are valid, remove_dict_keyremove_dict_keyRemoveDictKeyRemoveDictKeyRemoveDictKey returns 2 (H_MSG_TRUE). Otherwise an exception is raised.

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See also

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