contour_to_world_plane_xldT_contour_to_world_plane_xldContourToWorldPlaneXldContourToWorldPlaneXld (Operator)


contour_to_world_plane_xldT_contour_to_world_plane_xldContourToWorldPlaneXldContourToWorldPlaneXld — Transform an XLD contour into the plane z=0 of a world coordinate system.


contour_to_world_plane_xld(Contours : ContoursTrans : CameraParam, WorldPose, Scale : )

Herror T_contour_to_world_plane_xld(const Hobject Contours, Hobject* ContoursTrans, const Htuple CameraParam, const Htuple WorldPose, const Htuple Scale)

void ContourToWorldPlaneXld(const HObject& Contours, HObject* ContoursTrans, const HTuple& CameraParam, const HTuple& WorldPose, const HTuple& Scale)

HXLDCont HXLDCont::ContourToWorldPlaneXld(const HTuple& CameraParam, const HPose& WorldPose, const HTuple& Scale) const

HXLDCont HXLDCont::ContourToWorldPlaneXld(const HTuple& CameraParam, const HPose& WorldPose, const HString& Scale) const

HXLDCont HXLDCont::ContourToWorldPlaneXld(const HTuple& CameraParam, const HPose& WorldPose, const char* Scale) const

HXLDCont HXLDCont::ContourToWorldPlaneXld(const HTuple& CameraParam, const HPose& WorldPose, const wchar_t* Scale) const   (Windows only)

HXLDCont HPose::ContourToWorldPlaneXld(const HXLDCont& Contours, const HTuple& CameraParam, const HTuple& Scale) const

HXLDCont HPose::ContourToWorldPlaneXld(const HXLDCont& Contours, const HTuple& CameraParam, const HString& Scale) const

HXLDCont HPose::ContourToWorldPlaneXld(const HXLDCont& Contours, const HTuple& CameraParam, const char* Scale) const

HXLDCont HPose::ContourToWorldPlaneXld(const HXLDCont& Contours, const HTuple& CameraParam, const wchar_t* Scale) const   (Windows only)

static void HOperatorSet.ContourToWorldPlaneXld(HObject contours, out HObject contoursTrans, HTuple cameraParam, HTuple worldPose, HTuple scale)

HXLDCont HXLDCont.ContourToWorldPlaneXld(HTuple cameraParam, HPose worldPose, HTuple scale)

HXLDCont HXLDCont.ContourToWorldPlaneXld(HTuple cameraParam, HPose worldPose, string scale)

HXLDCont HPose.ContourToWorldPlaneXld(HXLDCont contours, HTuple cameraParam, HTuple scale)

HXLDCont HPose.ContourToWorldPlaneXld(HXLDCont contours, HTuple cameraParam, string scale)


The operator contour_to_world_plane_xldcontour_to_world_plane_xldContourToWorldPlaneXldContourToWorldPlaneXldContourToWorldPlaneXld transforms contour points given in ContoursContoursContoursContourscontours into the plane z=0 in a world coordinate system and returns the 3D contour points in ContoursTransContoursTransContoursTransContoursTranscontoursTrans. The world coordinate system is chosen by passing its 3D pose relative to the camera coordinate system in WorldPoseWorldPoseWorldPoseWorldPoseworldPose. Hence, latter one is expected in the form , where ccs denotes the camera coordinate system and wcs the world coordinate system (see Transformations / Poses and “Solution Guide III-C - 3D Vision”). In CameraParamCameraParamCameraParamCameraParamcameraParam you must pass the internal camera parameters (see Calibration for the sequence of the parameters and the underlying camera model).

In many cases CameraParamCameraParamCameraParamCameraParamcameraParam and WorldPoseWorldPoseWorldPoseWorldPoseworldPose are the result of calibrating the camera with the operator calibrate_camerascalibrate_camerasCalibrateCamerasCalibrateCamerasCalibrateCameras. See below for an example.

With the parameter ScaleScaleScaleScalescale you can scale the resulting 3D coordinates. The parameter ScaleScaleScaleScalescale must be specified as the ratio desired unit/original unit. The original unit is determined by the coordinates of the calibration object. If the original unit is meters (which is the case if you use the standard calibration plate), you can set the desired unit directly by selecting 'm'"m""m""m""m", 'cm'"cm""cm""cm""cm", 'mm'"mm""mm""mm""mm" or 'um'"um""um""um""um" for the parameter ScaleScaleScaleScalescale.

Internally, the operator first computes the line of sight between the projection center and the image point in the camera coordinate system, taking into account the radial distortions. The line of sight is then transformed into the world coordinate system specified in WorldPoseWorldPoseWorldPoseWorldPoseworldPose. By intersecting the plane z=0 with the line of sight the 3D coordinates of the transformed contour ContoursTransContoursTransContoursTransContoursTranscontoursTrans are obtained.

Execution Information


ContoursContoursContoursContourscontours (input_object)  xld_cont(-array) objectHXLDContHXLDContHobject

Input XLD contours to be transformed in image coordinates.

ContoursTransContoursTransContoursTransContoursTranscontoursTrans (output_object)  xld_cont(-array) objectHXLDContHXLDContHobject *

Transformed XLD contours in world coordinates.

CameraParamCameraParamCameraParamCameraParamcameraParam (input_control)  number-array HTupleHTupleHtuple (real / integer / string) (double / int / long / string) (double / Hlong / HString) (double / Hlong / char*)

Internal camera parameters.

WorldPoseWorldPoseWorldPoseWorldPoseworldPose (input_control)  pose HPose, HTupleHTupleHtuple (real / integer) (double / int / long) (double / Hlong) (double / Hlong)

3D pose of the world coordinate system in camera coordinates.

Number of elements: 7

ScaleScaleScaleScalescale (input_control)  number HTupleHTupleHtuple (string / integer / real) (string / int / long / double) (HString / Hlong / double) (char* / Hlong / double)

Scale or dimension

Default value: 'm' "m" "m" "m" "m"

Suggested values: 'm'"m""m""m""m", 'cm'"cm""cm""cm""cm", 'mm'"mm""mm""mm""mm", 'microns'"microns""microns""microns""microns", 'um'"um""um""um""um", 1.0, 0.01, 0.001, 1.0e-6, 0.0254, 0.3048, 0.9144

Restriction: Scale > 0

Example (HDevelop)

*  Perform camera calibration (with standard calibration plate).
calibrate_cameras (CalibDataID, Error)
get_calib_data (CalibDataID, 'camera', 0, 'params', CamParam)
* Get reference pose (pose 2 of calibration object 0).
get_calib_data (CalibDataID, 'calib_obj_pose', [0,2], 'pose', WorldPose)
*  Compensate thickness of plate.
set_origin_pose(ObjInCameraPose, 0, 0, 0.0006, WorldPose)
*  Transform contours into world coordinate system (unit mm).
contour_to_world_plane_xld(Contours, ContoursTrans, CamParam, \
                           WorldPose, 'mm')


contour_to_world_plane_xldcontour_to_world_plane_xldContourToWorldPlaneXldContourToWorldPlaneXldContourToWorldPlaneXld returns 2 (H_MSG_TRUE) if all parameter values are correct. If necessary, an exception is raised.

Possible Predecessors

create_posecreate_poseCreatePoseCreatePoseCreatePose, hom_mat3d_to_posehom_mat3d_to_poseHomMat3dToPoseHomMat3dToPoseHomMat3dToPose, camera_calibrationcamera_calibrationCameraCalibrationCameraCalibrationCameraCalibration, hand_eye_calibrationhand_eye_calibrationHandEyeCalibrationHandEyeCalibrationHandEyeCalibration, set_origin_poseset_origin_poseSetOriginPoseSetOriginPoseSetOriginPose

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