gen_psf_defocusgen_psf_defocusGenPsfDefocusGenPsfDefocus (Operator)


gen_psf_defocusgen_psf_defocusGenPsfDefocusGenPsfDefocus — Generate an impulse response of an uniform out-of-focus blurring.


gen_psf_defocus( : Psf : PSFwidth, PSFheight, Blurring : )

Herror gen_psf_defocus(Hobject* Psf, const Hlong PSFwidth, const Hlong PSFheight, double Blurring)

Herror T_gen_psf_defocus(Hobject* Psf, const Htuple PSFwidth, const Htuple PSFheight, const Htuple Blurring)

void GenPsfDefocus(HObject* Psf, const HTuple& PSFwidth, const HTuple& PSFheight, const HTuple& Blurring)

void HImage::GenPsfDefocus(Hlong PSFwidth, Hlong PSFheight, double Blurring)

static void HOperatorSet.GenPsfDefocus(out HObject psf, HTuple PSFwidth, HTuple PSFheight, HTuple blurring)

void HImage.GenPsfDefocus(int PSFwidth, int PSFheight, double blurring)


gen_psf_defocusgen_psf_defocusGenPsfDefocusGenPsfDefocusGenPsfDefocus generates an impulse response (spatial domain) of an uniform out-of-focus blurring and writes it into an image of HALCON image type 'real'. BlurringBlurringBlurringBlurringblurring specifies the extent of blurring by defining the “blur radius” (out-of-focus blurring maps each image pixel on a small circle with a radius of BlurringBlurringBlurringBlurringblurring - specified in “number of pixels”). If specified less than zero, the absolute value of BlurringBlurringBlurringBlurringblurring is used. The result image of gen_psf_defocusgen_psf_defocusGenPsfDefocusGenPsfDefocusGenPsfDefocus encloses an spatial domain impulse response of the specified blurring. Its representation presumes the origin in the upper left corner. This results in the following disposition of an NxM sized image:

This representation conforms to that of the impulse response parameter of the HALCON-operator wiener_filterwiener_filterWienerFilterWienerFilterWienerFilter. So one can use gen_psf_defocusgen_psf_defocusGenPsfDefocusGenPsfDefocusGenPsfDefocus to generate an impulse response for Wiener filtering.

Execution Information


PsfPsfPsfPsfpsf (output_object)  image objectHImageHImageHobject * (real)

Impulse response of uniform out-of-focus blurring.

PSFwidthPSFwidthPSFwidthPSFwidthPSFwidth (input_control)  integer HTupleHTupleHtuple (integer) (int / long) (Hlong) (Hlong)

Width of result image.

Default value: 256

Suggested values: 128, 256, 512, 1024

Typical range of values: 1 ≤ PSFwidth PSFwidth PSFwidth PSFwidth PSFwidth

PSFheightPSFheightPSFheightPSFheightPSFheight (input_control)  integer HTupleHTupleHtuple (integer) (int / long) (Hlong) (Hlong)

Height of result image.

Default value: 256

Suggested values: 128, 256, 512, 1024

Typical range of values: 1 ≤ PSFheight PSFheight PSFheight PSFheight PSFheight

BlurringBlurringBlurringBlurringblurring (input_control)  real HTupleHTupleHtuple (real) (double) (double) (double)

Degree of Blurring.

Default value: 5.0

Suggested values: 1.0, 5.0, 10.0, 15.0, 18.0


gen_psf_defocusgen_psf_defocusGenPsfDefocusGenPsfDefocusGenPsfDefocus returns 2 (H_MSG_TRUE) if all parameters are correct.

Possible Predecessors

simulate_motionsimulate_motionSimulateMotionSimulateMotionSimulateMotion, gen_psf_motiongen_psf_motionGenPsfMotionGenPsfMotionGenPsfMotion

Possible Successors

simulate_defocussimulate_defocusSimulateDefocusSimulateDefocusSimulateDefocus, wiener_filterwiener_filterWienerFilterWienerFilterWienerFilter, wiener_filter_niwiener_filter_niWienerFilterNiWienerFilterNiWienerFilterNi

See also

simulate_defocussimulate_defocusSimulateDefocusSimulateDefocusSimulateDefocus, gen_psf_motiongen_psf_motionGenPsfMotionGenPsfMotionGenPsfMotion, simulate_motionsimulate_motionSimulateMotionSimulateMotionSimulateMotion, wiener_filterwiener_filterWienerFilterWienerFilterWienerFilter, wiener_filter_niwiener_filter_niWienerFilterNiWienerFilterNiWienerFilterNi


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