read_polygon_xld_dxfread_polygon_xld_dxfReadPolygonXldDxfReadPolygonXldDxf (Operator)


read_polygon_xld_dxfread_polygon_xld_dxfReadPolygonXldDxfReadPolygonXldDxf — Read XLD polygons from a DXF file.


read_polygon_xld_dxf( : Polygons : FileName, GenParamName, GenParamValue : DxfStatus)

Herror read_polygon_xld_dxf(Hobject* Polygons, const char* FileName, const char* GenParamName, double GenParamValue, char* DxfStatus)

Herror T_read_polygon_xld_dxf(Hobject* Polygons, const Htuple FileName, const Htuple GenParamName, const Htuple GenParamValue, Htuple* DxfStatus)

void ReadPolygonXldDxf(HObject* Polygons, const HTuple& FileName, const HTuple& GenParamName, const HTuple& GenParamValue, HTuple* DxfStatus)

HTuple HXLDPoly::ReadPolygonXldDxf(const HString& FileName, const HTuple& GenParamName, const HTuple& GenParamValue)

HString HXLDPoly::ReadPolygonXldDxf(const HString& FileName, const HString& GenParamName, double GenParamValue)

HString HXLDPoly::ReadPolygonXldDxf(const char* FileName, const char* GenParamName, double GenParamValue)

HString HXLDPoly::ReadPolygonXldDxf(const wchar_t* FileName, const wchar_t* GenParamName, double GenParamValue)   (Windows only)

static void HOperatorSet.ReadPolygonXldDxf(out HObject polygons, HTuple fileName, HTuple genParamName, HTuple genParamValue, out HTuple dxfStatus)

HTuple HXLDPoly.ReadPolygonXldDxf(string fileName, HTuple genParamName, HTuple genParamValue)

string HXLDPoly.ReadPolygonXldDxf(string fileName, string genParamName, double genParamValue)


read_polygon_xld_dxfread_polygon_xld_dxfReadPolygonXldDxfReadPolygonXldDxfReadPolygonXldDxf reads the contents of the DXF file FileNameFileNameFileNameFileNamefileName (DXF version AC1009, AutoCAD Release 12) and converts them to the XLD polygons PolygonsPolygonsPolygonsPolygonspolygons. If no absolute path is given in FileNameFileNameFileNameFileNamefileName the DXF file is searched in the current directory of the HALCON process.

The output parameter DxfStatusDxfStatusDxfStatusDxfStatusdxfStatus contains information about the number of polygons that were read and, if necessary, warnings that parts of the DXF file could not be interpreted.

The operator read_polygon_xld_dxfread_polygon_xld_dxfReadPolygonXldDxfReadPolygonXldDxfReadPolygonXldDxf supports the following DXF entities:

The x and y coordinates of the DXF entities are stored in the column and row coordinates, respectively, of the XLD polygons PolygonsPolygonsPolygonsPolygonspolygons. The z coordinates of the DXF entities are ignored.

DXF entities of the type CIRCLE, ARC, ELLIPSE, and SPLINE are approximated by XLD polygons. The accuracy of this approximation can be controlled with the two generic parameters 'min_num_points'"min_num_points""min_num_points""min_num_points""min_num_points" and 'max_approx_error'"max_approx_error""max_approx_error""max_approx_error""max_approx_error" (for SPLINE only 'max_approx_error'"max_approx_error""max_approx_error""max_approx_error""max_approx_error"). Generic parameters are set by specifying the parameter name(s) in GenParamNameGenParamNameGenParamNameGenParamNamegenParamName and the corresponding value(s) in GenParamValueGenParamValueGenParamValueGenParamValuegenParamValue. The parameter 'min_num_points'"min_num_points""min_num_points""min_num_points""min_num_points" defines the minimum number of sampling points that are used for the approximation. Note that the parameter 'min_num_points'"min_num_points""min_num_points""min_num_points""min_num_points" always refers to the full circle or ellipse, respectively, even for ARCs or elliptical arcs, i.e., if 'min_num_points'"min_num_points""min_num_points""min_num_points""min_num_points" is set to 50 and a DXF entity of the type ARC is read that represents a semi-circle, this semi-circle is approximated by at least 25 sampling points. The parameter 'max_approx_error'"max_approx_error""max_approx_error""max_approx_error""max_approx_error" defines the maximum deviation of the XLD polygon from the ideal circle or ellipse, respectively (unit: pixel). For the determination of the accuracy of the approximation both criteria are evaluated. Then, the criterion that leads to the more accurate approximation is used.

Internally, the following default values are used for the generic parameters:

To achieve a more accurate approximation, either the value for 'min_num_points'"min_num_points""min_num_points""min_num_points""min_num_points" must be increased or the value for 'max_approx_error'"max_approx_error""max_approx_error""max_approx_error""max_approx_error" must be decreased.

Note that reading a DXF file with read_polygon_xld_dxfread_polygon_xld_dxfReadPolygonXldDxfReadPolygonXldDxfReadPolygonXldDxf results in exactly the same geometric information as reading the file with read_contour_xld_dxfread_contour_xld_dxfReadContourXldDxfReadContourXldDxfReadContourXldDxf. However, the resulting data structure is different.

Execution Information


PolygonsPolygonsPolygonsPolygonspolygons (output_object)  xld_poly(-array) objectHXLDPolyHXLDPolyHobject *

Read XLD polygons.

FileNameFileNameFileNameFileNamefileName (input_control) HTupleHTupleHtuple (string) (string) (HString) (char*)

Name of the DXF file.

File extension: .dxf

GenParamNameGenParamNameGenParamNameGenParamNamegenParamName (input_control) HTupleHTupleHtuple (string) (string) (HString) (char*)

Names of the generic parameters that can be adjusted for the DXF input.

Default value: []

List of values: 'max_approx_error'"max_approx_error""max_approx_error""max_approx_error""max_approx_error", 'min_num_points'"min_num_points""min_num_points""min_num_points""min_num_points"

GenParamValueGenParamValueGenParamValueGenParamValuegenParamValue (input_control)  attribute.value(-array) HTupleHTupleHtuple (real / integer / string) (double / int / long / string) (double / Hlong / HString) (double / Hlong / char*)

Values of the generic parameters that can be adjusted for the DXF input.

Default value: []

Suggested values: 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20

DxfStatusDxfStatusDxfStatusDxfStatusdxfStatus (output_control)  string(-array) HTupleHTupleHtuple (string) (string) (HString) (char*)

Status information.


If the parameters are correct and the file could be read the operator read_polygon_xld_dxfread_polygon_xld_dxfReadPolygonXldDxfReadPolygonXldDxfReadPolygonXldDxf returns the value 2 (H_MSG_TRUE). Otherwise, an exception is raised.

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See also

write_polygon_xld_dxfwrite_polygon_xld_dxfWritePolygonXldDxfWritePolygonXldDxfWritePolygonXldDxf, read_contour_xld_dxfread_contour_xld_dxfReadContourXldDxfReadContourXldDxfReadContourXldDxf