min_imagemin_imageMinImageMinImagemin_image (Operator)


min_imagemin_imageMinImageMinImagemin_image — Calculate the minimum of two images pixel by pixel.


min_image(Image1, Image2 : ImageMin : : )

Herror min_image(const Hobject Image1, const Hobject Image2, Hobject* ImageMin)

Herror T_min_image(const Hobject Image1, const Hobject Image2, Hobject* ImageMin)

void MinImage(const HObject& Image1, const HObject& Image2, HObject* ImageMin)

HImage HImage::MinImage(const HImage& Image2) const

static void HOperatorSet.MinImage(HObject image1, HObject image2, out HObject imageMin)

HImage HImage.MinImage(HImage image2)

def min_image(image_1: HObject, image_2: HObject) -> HObject


The operator min_imagemin_imageMinImageMinImageMinImagemin_image determines the minimum (pixel by pixel) of the images Image1Image1Image1Image1image1image_1 and Image2Image2Image2Image2image2image_2. The result is stored in the image ImageMinImageMinImageMinImageMinimageMinimage_min. The resulting image has the same pixel type as the input image. If several (pairs of) images are processed in one call, every i-th image from Image1Image1Image1Image1image1image_1 is compared to the i-th image from Image2Image2Image2Image2image2image_2. Thus the number of images in both input parameters must be the same. An output image is generated for every input pair.

min_imagemin_imageMinImageMinImageMinImagemin_image can be executed on an OpenCL device for byte, int1, int2, uint2, int4, real, direction, and cyclic images.

Execution Information


Image1Image1Image1Image1image1image_1 (input_object)  (multichannel-)image(-array) objectHImageHObjectHImageHobject (byte* / int1* / int2* / uint2* / int4* / int8 / real* / direction* / cyclic*) *allowed for compute devices

Image(s) 1.

Image2Image2Image2Image2image2image_2 (input_object)  (multichannel-)image(-array) objectHImageHObjectHImageHobject (byte* / int1* / int2* / uint2* / int4* / int8 / real* / direction* / cyclic*) *allowed for compute devices

Image(s) 2.

ImageMinImageMinImageMinImageMinimageMinimage_min (output_object)  (multichannel-)image(-array) objectHImageHObjectHImageHobject * (byte / int1 / int2 / uint2 / int4 / int8 / real / direction / cyclic)

Result image(s) by the minimization.


If the parameter values are correct the operator min_imagemin_imageMinImageMinImageMinImagemin_image returns the value 2 (H_MSG_TRUE). The behavior in case of empty input (no input images available) is set via the operator set_system(::'no_object_result',<Result>:)set_system("no_object_result",<Result>)SetSystem("no_object_result",<Result>)SetSystem("no_object_result",<Result>)SetSystem("no_object_result",<Result>)set_system("no_object_result",<Result>) If necessary an exception is raised.



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