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31. Jul 2019 News

MVTec Deep Learning Tool 0.2 available now!

The MVTec Deep Learning Tool 0.2 is now available for download.

What's new?

Enhanced labeling functionality for HALCON's object detection:...

29. Jul 2019 News

MVTec co-operating with two distributors in the UK and Ireland

MVTec is happy to strengthen their position in the UK and Ireland: In addition to our long-standing distribution partner Multipix Imaging, MVTec will...

16. Jul 2019 News

New maintenance release for HALCON 18.11 Steady

The newest HALCON 18.11 Steady maintenance release HALCON 18.11.2 is now available for download.

With this release, all known bugs have been fixed....

10. Jul 2019 News

MVTec welcomes new Certified Integration Partner: LIP Automation AG

MVTec welcomes LIP Automation as a new member of our Certified Integration Partner Program.

Based in Horw, Switzerland, LIP Automation AG is a...

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Upcoming Events

17. Oct 2019 Events

HALCON 19.11 webinar – learn how you can benefit from the new features

You would like to know, how HALCON 19.11 can advance your machine vision applications and even enables applications which were not possible before? –...

22. Oct 2019 Sweden

Machine Vision Technology Forum 2019

Join us at the Machine Vision Technology Forum 2019, held by our distributor STEMMER Imaging B.V., on October 22, 2019, in Stockholm, Sweden. With...

22. Oct 2019 HALCON Events

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019

Join our local partner LinX Singapore during Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019 to get the latest updates on HALCON 18.11.

Dates & venue: ...

23. Oct 2019 Germany

HALCON Introduction

Join the HALCON Training held by our distributor The Imaging Source GmbH on Oct 23, in Bremen, Überseetor 18.

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Latest Press Articles

07. Oct 2019 HALCON Press Release

Machine vision: MVTec is prepared for embedded vision applications with MIPI image sensors

HALCON, the standard machine vision software from MVTec Software GmbH, is well prepared for new developments in the embedded vision environment. The...

26. Sep 2019 Press Releases

Standard machine vision software with new functions: MVTec presents HALCON 19.11

MVTec Software GmbH, the leading provider of modern machine vision software, will release HALCON 19.11, the latest version of its standard software...

05. Sep 2019 MVTec Press Release

Machine vision: MVTec advances standardization

To mark its 33rd meeting with the GenICam Standard Group during the IVSM (International Vision Standards Meeting, October 7 to 11 in Stresa, Italy),...


Draw oriented rectangles with the MVTec Deep Learning Tool

Many computer programs often offer the option to draw axis-aligned rectangles but not to draw oriented rectangles.

Thus, we developed a method that...

Stereo calibration with MVTec HALCON

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to calibrate a camera setup with two or more cameras. First, you’ll get some hints about what needs to be...