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WIBU Systems CodeMeter Runtime vulnerabilities in MVTec products

Several vulnerabilities in CodeMeter Runtime have been disclosed on the website of WIBU Systems on September 8, 2020. CodeMeter Runtime is used in...


Highest level of quality control thanks to HALCON's deep learning

The Spanish company Robotics & Vision Technologies (RVT) is a partner company of our distributor INFAIMON S.L. and one of MVTec’s Certified...


HALCON 20.11 Feature-Preview: Deep Learning Edge Extraction

The next version of HALCON will be released on November 20, 2020. We're happy to turn the spot on one of the upcoming features:


Announcement: New HALCON Release in Fall

We are happy to announce that we will release the new version 20.11 of HALCON on November 20, 2020.


Digital Technology Days in September

After the great feedback from our participants of the last seminar and to keep you safe and healthy, we decided to let the next MVTec Technology Days...


MVTec Deep Learning Tool 0.4.2 Early Adopter available now!

A new 'Early Adopter' (EA) release of the MVTec Deep Learning Tool is now available for download.

With these intermediate releases we want to...


Deep-Learning-Based Anomaly Detection with MVTec HALCON

In this tutorial you will learn how to train a deep-learning-based Anomaly Detection model for your own application.

First, we will take a look at...


New update for HALCON 20.05 Progress

The originally released version of HALCON Progress had a few issues. Therefore, this original version was substituted by an updated version...


How to read bar codes with MVTec HALCON

In this tutorial you'll learn how to read bar codes with MVTec HALCON. Most bar codes can be read with default parameters using just two operators,...


New maintenance release for HALCON 18.11 Steady

The newest HALCON 18.11 Steady maintenance release HALCON 18.11.3 is now available for download.

With this release, all known bugs have been fixed....