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HALCON Press Release

Machine Vision Software Protects Programmers' Know-How

With the maintenance release 7.1.1 of the software library HALCON, its IDE (Integrated Development Environment) HDevelop now protects external...

MVTec Press Release

MVTec Founds Support Center in the USA

MVTec Software GmbH, manufacturer of worldwide leading machine vision software, will found a support center for the USA and Canada until the end of...

HALCON Press Release

3D Machine Vision Makes Robotics More Efficient

During this year’s world leading industry fairs Hannovermesse and AUTOMATICA, Hanover respectively Munich, Germany, MVTec Software GmbH will present...

AVT Press Release

ActivVisionTools 3.1 with Highly-Robust Data Code Reader

The easy-to-use software ActivVisionTools from MVTec, Munich, Germany, now makes machine vision easier than ever. Highlight of the new version is the...

HALCON Press Release

First IDE for Machine Vision

MVTec Software GmbH, Munich, Germany, has extended its machine vision software HALCON by the interpreter HDevelop Engine. Thus, HALCON is the only...

AVT Press Release

Data Code Reading Easy, Fast, and Reliable

With the new version 3.1 of its easy-to-use machine vision software

ActivVisionTools, MVTec makes the reading of data codes easier than ever. ...

HALCON Press Release

HALCON Captures Intelligent Camera Market

The machine vision software HALCON from MVTec that is used worldwide now captures the market for intelligent cameras. Several well-known manufacturers...

HALCON Press Release

MVTec and Tattile Introduce HALCON Interface to TAG Cameras

MVTec Software GmbH is proud to introduce the HALCON interface to the Tattile TAG cameras, the leading family of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) cameras....

HALCON Press Release

HALCON 7.1 - Intelligent and Powerful Machine Vision Software

New operators based on new technologies now make machine vision more accurate, more reliable, and faster than ever. With the new version 7.1 of their...

HALCON Press Release

HALCON with 64 Bit Technology under Windows

The new HALCON 7.1 version runs natively under Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. With this, MVTec Software GmbH, Munich (Germany), offers...