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On this page you will find various tutorial videos for our software products HALCON and MERLIC.

If you are completely new to HALCON or MERLIC, these are a few tutorial recommendations to get you started:

12. Oct 2016 HALCON Videos

Calibrated 1D Measuring with MVTec HALCON

With 1D measuring, edges, i.e., transitions from light to dark or from dark to light, can be located along a predefined line or arc. This allows you...

19. Aug 2016 MERLIC Videos

Calibrated Measurement with MVTec MERLIC

Sometimes, calibrating your machine vision applications is necessary, for example, if you want to remove distortions that were caused by the lens of...

19. Jul 2016 MERLIC Videos

Alignment with MVTec MERLIC

For many machine vision applications, you need to align the images so that objects that are located within these images always have the same...

09. Jun 2016 MERLIC Videos

Designing an interactive Frontend with MVTec MERLIC

With MVTec MERLIC, after having created your application in the MERLIC Backend, you can design an interactive Frontend with the MERLIC Designer. In...

12. May 2016 HALCON Videos

Shape-based matching with MVTec HALCON: speedup vs. robustness, advanced parameters

When using shape-based matching with MVTec HALCON, there are many parameters and settings you might want to tweak. In this video, we will have a look...

12. May 2016 HALCON Videos

Shape-based matching with MVTec HALCON: process the results, align ROIs or images

When you use shape-based matching with MVTec HALCON, you might want to process the results of your matching. This tutorial shows you how this is...

12. May 2016 HALCON Videos

Shape-based matching with MVTec HALCON: Introductory tutorial

In this tutorial for MVTec HALCON, we want to have a first look at matching, how to create a model, and how to use it to find objects.

30. Dec 2015 MERLIC Videos

MERLIC - easyTouch

easyTouch, a unique feature of MVTec MERLIC, helps to guide the user interactively towards the solution. In this video, we will take a look at...

03. Sep 2015 MERLIC Videos

MERLIC – Create an application in five minutes

It’s really easy to create a machine vision application with the MVTec software MERLIC. In this video, we will show you how to create a simple...

03. Sep 2015 HALCON Videos

HDevelop Tutorial 03: Visualization – MVTec HALCON

There are many ways to improve the visualization of your HDevelop programs. In this tutorial, you will learn about look-up tables, how to format you...