MVTec Software GmbH

Robust bar code reading despite overexposure and print growth - MVTec HALCON 12.0.2

In this video you will get an impression of the power of the bar code reader of MVTec's popular software HALCON, which is available in version 12.0.2.

The current improvements adress two common problems with bar codes: print growth and overexposure. Print growth is a problem occuring when too much ink was used for printing the bar code on the product, or when the surface of the object is rough so that the ink spreads too much. Thus, the black bars are significantly thicker than they should be. Overexposure leads to the opposite effect. Here, the black bars are significantly thinner than they should be.

This video provides you with an impression of the full range from extreme overexposure to extreme print growth that MVTec HALCON is able to read!