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D3 Intelligent Camera with HALCON Embedded

HALCON is a leading machine vision library with more than 1800 operators for image processing applications. HALCON Embedded runs on the new D3...

Pick and Place with HALCON's Surface-Based 3D Matching

A robot picks heavy automotive parts from boxes in a complete state of disorder, using different gripping points depending on part position and...

HALCON 11 - New Features

11 Reasons for HALCON 11

  •   Sample-based identification
  •   3D surface comparison
  •   3D object processing
  •   Improved photometric stereo
  •   Reading of Aztec...


MVTec Software GmbH at the VISION show 2012, Stuttgart (Germany). Impressions from the MVTec booth. November 6-8, 2012

Leuze LPS36 & MVTec HALCON 3D software on Bin Picking Robot

Leuze electronic's LPS36 sensor offers economic laser line scanning for object detection and profile measurement. Measurement values in mm are...


Hand-eye calibration and surfaced-based 3D matching with HALCON 11

3D Surface Comparison with HALCON 11

Convergent IT and MVTec present how the standard software for machine vision HALCON 11 and the path planning software AutomAPPPS built a configurable...