Embedded Vision Starterkit with Allied Vision Alvium and MVTec HALCON

The Embedded Vision Starterkit is the ideal starting point for machine vision on embedded vision platforms. The starter kit consists of Allied Vision’s innovative Alvium 1500 C CSI-2 camera and a demo consisting of various machine vision applications based on MVTec HALCON.

This device is powered by HALCON


  • Thanks to plug-and-play design, the preset image processing applications can be tried out directly
  • The combination of CSI-2 camera, image processing software and NVIDIA's Jetson platform is ideal for porting machine vision applications to embedded systems
  • Especially for deep learning applications, the NVIDIA Jetson platform with JetPack SDK and its integrated GPU achieves significantly lower inference times than with a CPU

Fast success with integrated solution

The Embedded Vision Starterkit is an ideally coordinated complete package of hardware and software:


  • MVTec HALCON* (in the form of a browser-based demo application and executable without an additional license)
  • Installed MIPI CSI-2 Alvium camera driver
  • Preconfigured SD card image

* With the starter kit, users can run the preinstalled application examples. Developing custom applications using HALCON's extensive toolbox is possible with a development license of MVTec HALCON (not included).


  • Alvium 1500 C-120c color S-Mount Open Housing
  • Alvium tripod mounting plate
  • Allied Vision Lens S-6-F1.8-5MP-T1-2.5-IRC
  • 420mm CSI-2 flex cable
  • CSI-2 Adapter Board for NVIDIA Jetson Nano/Xavier NX Dev Kit
  • Triangle-shaped printed circuit board

What you additionally need

  • NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit
    (For further information about MVTec HALCON on NVIDIA Jetson Boards see here)
  • Power supply for DevKit and CSI-2 adapter
  • Camera tripod with mounting
  • SD card (32 or 64 GB)


The new HALCON 22.11 release comes in a Steady edition and a Progress edition. With HALCON 22.11, MVTec once more demonstrate that the targeted use of deep learning raises existing machine vision technologies to a new level. The 3D Gripping Point Detection, for example, offers an easy way to efficiently automate a complex application. With the new editions, MVTec is once again delivering on their promise to provide users with one of the world's most powerful and technologically advanced machine vision software solutions.

Learn more about the new features of HALCON 22.11 or download the latest HALCON Steady version directly.  

Find all information about our editions here