MVTec Software GmbH


  • Apalis iMX8
  • Apalis TK1
  • Apalis iMX6

MVTec HALCON runs perfectly on the Apalis iMX8, the Apalis TK1, as well as on the Apalis iMX6 embedded boards (aka Sytem on Modules or SoM) from Toradex AG. This opens up new possibilities for embedded machine vision applications. Toradex is one of the most trusted names in embedded computing technology; specializing in high-quality, low-cost embedded solutions offering a broad range of highly miniaturized yet powerful pin-compatible embedded System on Modules. These SoMs offer scalability in terms of price, performance, power consumption and I/Os.

This combination of Toradex' boards and MVTec software forms the ideal basis for developing powerful embedded vision applications, e.g. in factory automation, inspection, or traffic control systems.


These devices are ready for HALCON
  • Profit from HALCON's machine vision power on performant and robust embedded boards
  • Access the full functionality of HALCON
  • Maximum flexibility for your application
  • Benefit from the experience of soft- and hardware experts

Working with MVTec software on Toradex boards

Using HALCON on the boards by Toradex
Workflow for using MVTec HALCON on Toradex boards

HALCON for Toradex boards is available via Toradex AG or via MVTec Distributors. Toradex also offers an Easyinstaller image for HPeek on this page.