weQube - the Smart Camera from wenglor

This device is powered by HALCON

weQube - the smart camera is labeled "powered by HALCON" and combines camera, lighting, optics and evaluation unit in one compact housing.

Thanks to the intelligent, modular hardware and software concept (the latter based on MVTec HALCON), it adapts to every situation: Whether for image processing (e.g., matching), for recognition of text and characters, or for scanning 1D/2D codes - the software packages can be selected and extended as required.

weQube with MVTec HALCON
MVTec HALCON is utilized to read 1D and 2D codes as well as via the matching algorithm for classic pattern matching. The modular structure of the HALCON software library makes it possible to use only the part required by the customer. Thus, individual products can be offered. MVTec supports the innovative wenglor image processing products with its many years of experience in complex applications.


Machine vision software features of weQube
Using MVTec HALCON, weQube recognizes objects regardless of their position and rotational orientation within the image.
  • Profit from HALCON's machine vision power on performant and robust smart cameras
  • Wizard-guided software in more than 10 languages
  • MultiCore technology combines five high-performance processors
  • Flexible multicommunication thanks to numerous interfaces
  • Platform-independent web server
  • Simple operation thanks to graphic display
  • Lima protocol on XML basis for visualization
  • Offline remote maintenance
  • Tutorials and demo projects
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Protective housing for any environment
  • Benefit from the experience of soft- and hardware experts


weQube - the Smart Camera with HALCON is available via wenglor sensoric GmbH.

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