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About Embedded Vision

Embedded Vision

Embedded devices increasingly offer improved performance at lower costs, compared to industrial PCs. This enables machine vision applications to be executed on these devices, not just on PC-based systems. Typically, embedded devices are vision sensors, smart sensors, smart cameras, and single-board computers.

MVTec's "Embedded Vision" offers software solutions that are especially tailored to the needs of embedded vision devices. When developing our software products, we ensure that these achieve optimal performance on all platforms (PC & Embedded) – this also applies to our products' deep learning technologies. MVTec's software makes use of special acceleration technologies such as automatic operator parallelization, GPU acceleration, or the "NEON" instruction set extension, which can bring an enormous increase in performance on Arm®-based platforms.

To optimize implementation, our software also supports all relevant interfaces, such as GigEVision, USB3Vision, Video4Linux, and MIPI CSI for image acquisition or the OPC UA interface for communication with the PLC.

The portfolio is rounded off by additional services, that MVTec offers particularly in the area of embedded vision. This includes customizing, feasibility studies, professional technical support, and much more.

Product labels "Ready for" and "Powered by" ...

Ready for HALCON
Ready for MERLIC
Powered by HALCON
Powered by MERLIC

The embedded vison products, listed on the sub-pages within the left menu, carry the labels "ready for" and/or "powered by" HALCON or MERLIC. They indicate, in what way MVTec software is used in these products.

"Ready for" means that our software has been successfully tested on these devices and is available for or pre-installed on them. These types of products offer the highest flexibility in the creation of embedded vision applications.

"Powered by" means, that parts of our software are firmly implemented within the respective hardware, enabling the main functions of these devices and resulting in integrated, easy-to-use solutions. With these products, it is possible to create embedded vision applications by mere configuration.

HALCON for Arm-based platforms

HALCON ready-to-go for Arm-based platforms

A huge range of embedded vision software applications are based on Arm® architectures. HALCON, including its deep learning technologies, is ready-to-go for a large variety of Arm-based platforms+. It works out-of-the-box to ideally help you solve your embedded vision tasks within Arm architectures.

Download HALCON for Arm-based platforms now



  • Profit from HALCON's machine vision power on Arm-based platforms
  • Access the full functionality of HALCON including its deep learning technologies
  • Execution of HDevelop programs on your platform (based on HDevEngine)
  • Integrate powerful image processing into your individual machine vision application
  • Ready-to-go: Simply download HALCON and it is running on your Arm-based platform without any need of further porting

Read more in the associated press release published by MVTec.


Minimum System Requirements

HALCON is running on all Arm-based platforms fulfilling the following system requirements:

Software requirements
Hardware requirements
Linux with hidraw Kernel support armv7-A with NEON Support
hardfloat ABI256 MB RAM
glibc: 2.17USB host port
gcc 5 6.0.21/GLIBCXX_3.4.21
Linux with hidraw Kernel supportAArch64
glibc: 2.17256 MB RAM
gcc 5USB host port 6.0.21/GLIBCXX_3.4.21

Supported Platforms

Go to this page to find some examples of supported platforms.

Sneak a peek with HPeek


HPeek is a free demo program, that allows users to get a first impression of HALCON running on your Arm-based embedded platform. It shows key features of HALCON for these platforms as well as typical machine vision applications that are being executed directly on the device. This allows users to easily evaluate the performance of the software in connection with their own hardware system.

Furthermore, no extra license is required to run HPeek: After the download and installation, it runs out-of-the-box. If a license dongle is available, HPeek even lets users execute their own HDevelop scripts on their embedded device without any need for compiling.

Internally, HPeek is based on the established technology of the HDevEngine.

For Raspberry Pi users, MVTec also offers a ready-to-use system image with HPeek. Go to this page to find out more.


Minimum System Requirements

Software requirementsHardware requirements
Linux with hidraw Kernel support **Armv7-A with NEON Support (32-bit)
hardfloat ABI256 MB RAM
glibc: 2.17USB host port **
gcc: 4.8 6.0.18
X11, FreeType2, Fontconfig *


* required for visualization

** only required for dongle licensing

Learn more about Embedded Vision with HALCON:



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