Toolbox Products for Embedded Vision

The products listed below are hard-/software bundles as well as well-known hardware platforms on which MVTec's software can be executed and has successfully been tested. These products provide access to the full functionality of the software and thus offer maximum flexibility for creating more complex embedded vision applications. 

Click on the product names in the list below or in the left menu to learn more about each toolbox solution available on the market.

You are looking for just the software component?

Try HALCON for free

If you are interesed in a comprehensive machine vision software with an integrated development environment, MVTec HALCON is the best choice for you. Its flexible architecture enables rapid development of any kind of embedded vision application.

HALCON provides outstanding performance and supports multi-core platforms and special instruction sets like AVX2 or NEON. By default, the software runs on Arm®-based smart cameras and other embedded vision platforms.

Click here for your HALCON free trial. Click here to download the demo program HPeek to benchmark HALCON's performance on your embedded device.