MVTec Software GmbH

IMAGO VisionBox/VisionCam

  • VisionBox AGE-X
  • VisionBox LE MANS
  • VisionCam XM
  • VisionBox DAYTONA

MVTec HALCON runs perfectly on the VisionBox AGE-X, VisionBox DAYTONA and the
VisionBox LE MANS
families, as well as on VisionCam programmable camera series from IMAGO Technologies. These devices combine IMAGO’s unique real-time communication controller with Arm® Cortex or i-core processors, a wide range of operating systems, fast digital I/Os, illumination controllers, camera- and sensor-interfaces.

This combination of hard- and software forms the ideal basis for developing powerful embedded vision applications, e.g. in factory automation, inspection, or traffic control systems.

Watch these videos by IMAGO Technologies to learn more about the above mentioned devices.


These devices are ready for HALCON
  • Profit from HALCON's machine vision power on performant and robust embedded hardware
  • Access the full functionality of HALCON
  • Maximum flexibility for your application
  • Benefit from the experience of soft- and hardware experts

Working with MVTec software on IMAGO devices

Using HALCON on the IMAGO devices
Workflow for using MVTec HALCON on IMAGO devices

HALCON for IMAGO devices is available via IMAGO Technologies or via MVTec Distributors.