HALCON for Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi is the ideal entry platform for embedded vision applications due to its high flexibility and low initial costs. On this embedded board, MVTec HALCON can be tested fast and easily using the demo program HPeek, which gives you an overview about typical embedded machine vision applications. Included are applications like code reading, OCR, matching, etc. and deep-learning-based applications like classification, object detection and semantic segmentation – all can smoothly be evaluated while being executed directly on the Raspberry Pi. Moreover you can use HPeek to run custom scripts. There is no need for compiling HALCON to the Raspberry Pi.

Ready-to-use System Image

To get you started easily and quickly, we provide a ready-to-use system image with HPeek as well as an appropriate documentation for download. With this system image you can set up a complete system with all needed tools (including a remote desktop connection) and run HPeek in less than 20 minutes.

Features & Benefits

Ready for HALCON
  • Ideal entry platform for programming own applications
  • Flexible & cost-efficient
  • Ready-to-use system image
  • HPeek based on HDevEngine
  • Execution of custom scripts (purchased license necessary)
  • Image acquisition interfaces: GigEVision, USB3Vision, Video4Linux, MIPI CSI etc.

Working with HALCON on a Raspberry Pi

HALCON’s integrated library HDevEngine allows to make changes to the vision part of your applications „on the fly“ – no need to recompile or recertify the whole application. Beside that, using HALCON’s development environment HDevelop enables remote-debugging, as demonstrated in the video:


HALCON for Raspberry Pi devices is available via MVTec Distributors.

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