MVTec's machine vision technologies enable machines to read bar codes, data codes and alphanumeric characters. This allows machine vision systems to identify different parts based on a unique feature. Bar codes as well as data codes (e.g., QR codes) have become prevalent in practically all industries. Manufacturers use this technology to prevent errors in inventory management, material flow, and as means for process and quality control monitoring.

Machine vision systems take on various tasks:  

  • Finding the position of the code
  • Reading the bar or data code 
  • Determining the print quality (grading)

When it comes to the alphanumeric characters, the software finds the position of the text and reads the text. 

Very specific application examples are: 

Read more about the technologies, you will find in our software products to help you with your identification applications:

Read more about how machine vision could be helpful in your industry or take a look at our customers success stories to find specific examples of the applications. 


Download the free white paper "Machine Vision in Intralogistics" to learn more about bar and data code reading.