What used to be done with a gauge is now done by industrial image processing: measuring distances, thicknesses, areas or widths – in 2D as well as in 3D. The results are more detailed, precise and accurate than could ever be achieved manually.

Machine vision systems are called on here in a number of areas:  

  • Measure dimensions like length, width, or distances as well as angles or radii of manufactured parts with high accuracy
  • Perform 3D measurements to also acquire information about a good’s height or volume

Very specific application examples are:

  • Checking the dimensional accuracy of milled components in the metal industry
  • Measuring the radii of ball bearings
  • Measuring a plant’s attributes like height, leaf area and stem diameter
  • Checking the dimensions of a smartphone’s charging port
  • Measuring the size of solder joints on PCBs
  • Verifying the height difference between a laptop’s trackpad and case

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