Object Recognition

Recognizing objects is the basis for practically any machine-vison-based automation task: only when objects are identified they can be assigned to categories and processed accordingly. In object recognition applications, knowledge about the types of objects present in an image is more important than their exact position. The information about the object type can be used in various ways, e.g., for simple classification (apple vs. orange), counting or completeness checks.

Machine vision systems are called on here in a number of areas

  • Find (trained) objects in 2D and 3D 
  • Assign objects to their corresponding classes 
  • Count the number of objects present in an image  
  • Check for completeness of objects 

Very specific application examples are

  • Detecting weeds for a more controlled application of herbicides in farming 
  • Checking if biscuit bags are filled correctly in food production 
  • Commissioning of goods in logistics industry 
  • Sorting and packing of pills and drugs in pharma industry 
  • Checking the correct loading of workpiece carriers in automotive production 
  • Ensuring that PCBs are assembled correctly in electronic components manufacturing 
  • Classification of bacteria cultures in, e.g., health care and science 
  • Sorting waste (plastic, wood, etc.) in the recycling industry 

Read more about the technologies, you will find in our software products to help you with your object recognition applications:

Object recognition technologies

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