HALCON Progress Key Visual shows a person swimming

Technical Data

Find technical data of our software HALCON below. For machine vision technologies featured in HALCON, please go to our Technologies section.

Image Acquisition Devices

Image acquisition devices can be integrated easily. Please find downloads for all supported image acquisition interfaces here.

Digital I/O Devices

Windows: Digital I/O devices from Advantech, Contec, Interface, National Instruments, as well as all OPC UA and OPC Classic compliant digital I/O devices

Linux: The Linux GPIO character device as well as all OPC UA compliant digital I/O devices

macOS: All OPC UA compliant digital I/O devices

Data Exchange

Image File Formats: AVI, Binary, BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, JPEG XR, HALCON Iconic Object (HOBJ), PCX, PNG, PNM, Sun-Raster, TIFF, XWD
The TIFF image format is supporting the possibility to store additional metadata within the image file.

3D Object Models: DXF R12, OFF, PLY, OBJ, STL

Serial Interface: Reading and writing of data

Sockets: Exchange of images, regions, XLD, and control data between HALCON processes as well as generic socket communication for data exchange with arbitrary systems

General Data Format: JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

Real-Time Ethernet and Fieldbusses

Communication via Real-Time Ethernet or fieldbus protocols can easily be implemented under Windows using Hilscher hardware.