Image Acquisition Assistant

The image acquisition assistant simplifies the selection, initialization, and configuration of hundreds of industrial cameras and frame grabbers. The assistant allows to preview images and to interactively control all device-specific parameters. After adapting the parameters to your needs, the assistant inserts the corresponding code on demand into your program. 

Camera Calibration Assistant

The camera calibration assistant helps the user to implement the necessary calibration of the camera easily and accurately in order to correct lens distortions from images and to be able to measure objects in 3D world coordinates. After setting the parameters, the assistant inserts the suitable program code on demand into the HDevelop program.

Matching Assistant

The matching assistant is a powerful tool specifically designed for the interactive use of HALCON's shape-based matching, correlation-based matching, descriptor-based matching, and deformable matching. It assists you in finding parameter settings for your object recognition and matching applications, and inserts the suitable code into the program on demand.

Measure Assistant

The HDevelop measure assistant is a frontend to HALCON's 1D measuring. It finds edges and measures distances between edges along a preselected line or circular arc in an image. On demand, the assistant inserts the corresponding code into the program.

OCR Assistant

The HDevelop OCR assistant allows interactive use of HALCON's traditional OCR classification. The assistant helps you to determine parameter settings, train custom OCR classifiers, and verify your OCR classifier, and inserts the corresponding code on demand into your program.