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With this release (download here), we are adressing one of the market's strongest demands: Exploiting the power of deep learning in machine vision software.

Softwarebox - New Release MERLIC 3

Enhanced OCR Based on Deep Learning Technology

In MERLIC 3, the technologies for optical character recognition (OCR) have been further improved. MERLIC now includes a new, deep-learning-based OCR classifier that can be applied to numerous different fonts. This machine learning technology allows MERLIC 3 to achieve higher-than-ever recognition rates of number and character combinations on workpieces for reliable identification and further processing. Another advantage resulting from these improvements: Dot-print fonts are now read more robustly.

Improved Bar and Data Code Reading

The reading of bar and data codes has also been improved in MERLIC 3: Blurry, over-exposed, distorted, or low-contrast QR codes are now read more robustly. In addition, MERLIC can now even read partly occluded bar codes as well as QR codes with inconsistent column width.

MERLIC 4 Preview

Try out the newest MERLIC features before their official release – with MERLIC 4 Preview you get access to upcoming features early in the development process.

Parallel Processing and more

One big feature of this release is parallel processing, which enables the parallel execution of independent tools. This, in turn, improves the implementation of multi-camera-setups and allows for a more efficient use of the system's computing power.

In addition, you will see usability has been significantly improved with this release. The Tool Flow window has been completely redesigned, providing a better overview of the used tools. It now also allows users to copy/paste and move tools within the window. Last but not least, the Branch on Condition tool has also been redesigned to make handling of links easier.

Moreover, MERLIC 4 Preview provides a prototype tool for the communication via Hilscher PCI cards. This tool supports the reading and sending of data via these PCI cards and thus the seamless integration of a programmable logic controller (PLC) in image processing systems with MERLIC.

This special release is available free-of-charge for all existing and new MERLIC purchases. As soon as MERLIC 4 is available as a full version, more features and the tool set you may already know from MERLIC will be delivered.

MERLIC 4 Preview can be downloaded via this page.

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