MVTec MERLIC is available in three different software editions:

  • MERLIC Standard Edition
  • MERLIC Advanced Edition
  • MERLIC Professional Edition
Backend and DesignerIncludes the use of MERLIC backend (application configuration tool) and designer for customized frontends.
ToolsContains all standard tools like: Acquisition, Calibration, Measuring, Text & Code Reading, Position Determination, 3D Vision with height images, Evaluation, Communication. Parallel tool execution is possible.
easyTouchProvides the interactively guided configuration called easyTouch and easyTouch+.
PLC CommunicationEnables fully integrated applications, including communication to PLC (programmable logic controller) via Hilscher PC cards, e.g., PROFINET, EtherCAT, and others.
Image AcquisitionIncludes the support of all USB3 Vision and GigE Vision compliant cameras as well as imaging hardware supporting the GenICam standard.
User ManagementAllows restricting accessibility of frontends, based on user login.
Password ProtectionProtects MERLIC vision applications against non-authorized access from third parties.
Application TrainingEnables users to teach the system new sample parts or regions of interest with just a few clicks.
Custom ToolsEnables the use of customized tools within MERLIC to extend the standard tools set. To create a new tool, contact the usual support channels and have your HALCON procedure converted into a MERLIC tool. Training and easyTouch are not supported. 
Multiple Remote FrontendsAllows to open multiple frontends with different designs on various computers remotely.(✓)* 

* Available for purchase as seperate addon

For more information about these editions please contact your local MERLIC distributor.

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