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MVTec MERLIC is available in three different software editions:

  • MERLIC Standard Edition
  • MERLIC Advanced Edition
  • MERLIC Professional Edition
Backend and DesignerIncludes the use of MERLIC backend and designer for customized frontends.✓       
ToolsContains all standard tools like: Acquisition, Calibration, Measuring, Reading, Position Determination, Evaluation, Communication.✓        
easyTouchProvides the interactively guided configuration easyTouch and easyTouch+.✓        
PLC CommunicationEnables fully integrated applications, including communication to PLC (programmable logic controller) via digital I/O and OPC UA standard.✓        
Image AcquisitionIncludes the support of all USB3 Vision and GigE Vision compliant cameras as well as imaging hardware supporting the GenICam standard.✓        
User ManagementAllows restricting accessibility of frontends and logging of parameter changes, based on user login.✓        
Password ProtectionProtects MERLIC vision applications against non-authorized code access from third parties.          ✓✓        
Application TrainingEnables users to teach the system new sample parts or regions of interest with just a few clicks.          ✓✓        
Custom ToolsEnables the use of customized tools within MERLIC to extend the standard tools set.✓        
Remote FrontendAllows the access of a MERLIC instance from different computer(s) by using the frontend.✓        
Multiple FrontendsAllows to open multiple frontends with different designs on various computer(s). ✓       
MERLIC Engine (optional)Enables users to directly load, parametrize, and execute MERLIC vision applications in their C++ or C# application or framework.        (✓)        (✓)   (✓)      


For more information about these editions please contact your local MERLIC distributor.

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