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Electric Components & Solar

Manufacturers of today’s consumer electronics depend on machine vision technology to improve quality control, reduce manufacturing costs, enable human-machine collaboration in production processes, and increase yields and throughputs of electronic components, pc boards, electronic assemblies and more. Similarly, the race to make solar power economically advantageous over other energy sources requires advanced manufacturing processes that eliminate defects, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency. 


MVTec’s software provides a complete toolset for precise assembly, inspection, and defect detection through the entire manufacturing process. With MVTec’s innovative image processing and analysis technology, systems manufacturers are fully equipped to implement advanced manufacturing processes and quality control at reduced costs.

Methods and Techniques

  • Surface inspection
  • Defect recognition
  • Completeness inspection
  • Positioning & alignment
  • Bar code/data code reading
  • Object identification without code (SBI)
  • OCR (character recognition)
  • 2D/3D matching
  • 2D/3D measuring
  • 3D vision

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