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Manufacturing lines around the world utilize machinery equipped with vision technology for all types of automated processes and quality control functions. These range from basic presence detection, inspection and measuring of parts, to precision alignment of parts in three dimensions, and beyond.


For many industries, manufacturing lines need to be easily adaptable to handle the different processes required of multiple product lines as well as production scenarios requiring human-machine collaboration. Software libraries lacking a complete range of functionality require developers to search for and learn alternate development packages which often results in substantial delays and added costs.  


MVTec’s software contains a complete set of tools and algorithms to address all types of machine vision applications. With MVTec software, developers are equipped with a reliable tool set capable of addressing today’s vision challenges as well as enabling the next generation of manufacturing and process control machinery.

Methods and Techniques

  • Blob analysis
  • Morphology
  • Bar code/data code reading
  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • OCV (optical character verification)
  • Matching
  • Measuring
  • 3D vision (3D calibration, stereo, depth from focus, sheet of light, 3D registration, perspective matching, 3D matching, 3D object inspection, 3D measuring)

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