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3D Vision Technology – Monocular 2½D (from height images)

Featured in HALCON and MERLIC
Depth from focus
Several images of the object are taken with different distances. The change in focus is used to calculate distance information.
Sheet of light
The 3D shape of an object is determined by measuring the profile of the object along a projected line of light.

Monocular 2½D – Depth from Focus & Sheet of Light

There are various so-called active technologies for the extraction of height information with one camera. The resulting 3D information is very similar to binocular stereo. The methods used most often are:

  • Depth from focus (DFF) extracts distance information by calculating the focus of all pixels of the image. A small depth of field is used to calculate the distance of the object's surface to the camera.
  • Sheet of light means measuring an elevation profile of an object by reconstructing the projected line of light on this object.

These technologies are particularly suitable for 3D reconstruction – in case of DFF especially suitable for small objects, in case of sheet of light for objects without texture. Typical application examples include quality inspection of 3D objects as well as position recognition of 3D objects.

For dense height maps, our software offers various methods that can be used to process 2½D images, e.g., to determine object edges or angles between 3D planes. In the case of sheet of light, highly accurate line- or point-oriented 3D measurements can be applied as well.

DFF example
PCB trace inspection with DFF using our software.
Sheet of light example
Measuring the object with sheet of light using our software.

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