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Alignment & Matching

Our software products reliably find objects with an accuracy better than 1/20 pixel, even if they are partially occluded. You can try this out for yourself by testing HALCON and MERLIC free of charge.

The position of objects can be determined easily and images can be aligned properly. This includes the following matching technologies:

Correlation-based Matching

Featured in HALCON and MERLIC
Correlation-based Matching
Finding objects, even if the image is blurred.
Correlation-based Matching

The correlation-based matching of MVTec software products is particularly robust against defocus, shape deformation, rotation, and texture.



Shape-based Matching

Featured in HALCON and MERLIC
Shape-based Matching
Perspective deformable matching robustly localizes objects with perspective distortions.

The software’s superior subpixel-accurate matching technology finds objects robustly and accurately in real-time. It does so even if they are rotated, scaled, perspectively distorted, locally deformed, partially occluded or located outside of the image, or undergo nonlinear illumination changes. It can process images with 8 or 16 bits and also handles color or multi-channel images. Objects can be trained from images or from CAD-like data. Moreover, MVTec’s unique component-based matching is able to locate objects that are composed of multiple parts that can move with respect to each other. Our local deformable matching finds objects with deformed or wrinkled surfaces, and our perspective deformable matching robustly localizes objects with perspective distortions. Watch the following tutorial videos and learn how to create shape-based matching applications with our software: part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Descriptor-based Matching

Featured in HALCON
Descriptor-based Matching
Descriptor-based matching locates planar objects extremely fast.
Local deformable matching
Local deformable matching finds objects with surface deformations.
Descriptor-based Matching
Component-based matching finds compound objects fast and reliably in one step.

Planar objects with texture are localized with the software’s descriptor-based matching. This method is extremely fast and localizes the objects in any rotation and tilt.

Shape-based 3D Matching

Featured in HALCON
Shape-based 3D Matching
3D matching in combination with binocular stereo.
Shape-based 3D Matching
Localization of a known object with 3D matching.

Recognition and 3D pose determination of arbitrary 3D objects: the cutting-edge 3D matching of MVTec software determines the position and orientation of 3D objects represented by their CAD model.

You can learn more about our sophisticated shape-based 3D Matching technology here.

Surface-based 3D Matching

Featured in HALCON
Surface-based 3D Matching
Surface-based 3D matching with multi-view stereo.

Recognition and 3D pose determination of arbitrary 3D objects: the cutting-edge 3D matching of MVTec software determines the position and orientation of 3D objects represented by their CAD model.

You can find more Information on our surface-based 3D Matching Technology here.

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