MVTec Software GmbH


We offer a wide range of services in machine vision for companies with different needs. Our aim is to enable customers to use MVTec software so that they can deploy successful machine vision projects.

Our services team benefits from decades of experience in application development and therefore develops comprehensive and cost-effective software solutions based on MVTec’s products HALCON and MERLIC.

Which question are you currently facing?

MVTec offers a free application evaluation service.

How can I realize my machine vision task the best?

Our experts will examine your machine vision application and provide qualified answers to your questions. This service is free of charge.
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MVTec evaluates your project.

Is my planned machine vision project feasible?

Focusing on your specific challenge, we evaluate in detail how to reach a software solution for your problem.
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MVTec supports you in your machine vision project.

How can I get support for my machine vision project?

We support you during your project by closely working together with your developers to solve your machine vision tasks.
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MVTec offers trainings and individual workshops.

How can I become an expert in MVTec software?

MVTec offers general trainings and customer-specific workshops to teach all aspects of developing solutions with our products.
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Porting for MVTec HALCON

How can I bring MVTec software to my device?

We bring our software to your devices and platforms.
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