MVTec Software GmbH

Design & Implementation

Following the detailed analysis and planning of the project, MVTec works closely with the customer to develop a sophisticated software solution to meet the defined application objectives, system-level requirements, and performance specifications.


The design and implementation phase can include:

  • Development of the image processing functionality, for instance in the form of HDevelop procedures.
  • Implementation in the form of separate components, e.g., class libraries.
  • Programming of the graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Full documentation of all development stages including a user manual. 


MVTec designs software solutions following modern guidelines:

  • Customized application of analysis/design patterns.
  • Use of object-oriented frameworks and/or class libraries.
  • Design of a modern graphical user interface.
  • Test-driven development using auto-tests.


The implementation is adapted to the customer’s preferred environment. To that effect, solutions can be developed using a variety of technologies:

  • Programming languages: C, C ++, C #, VB, Delphi.
  • Development environments: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Code Composer Studio, CMake, Xcode, Objective-C.
  • Communication: CAN bus, PROFIBUS, OPC UA.
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Windows CE, Linux, Embedded Linux, macOS, VxWorks, DSP / BIOS.


Finally, MVTec performs extensive system tests on the software solution for quality assurance. If necessary, the development and integration can also be performed on-site.


The project does not necessarily end with the successful integration of the solution. MVTec’s services can be extended to include Project Maintenance.