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In addition to the development and maintenance of software solutions, MVTec offers training courses designed to teach customers all aspects of developing solutions with MVTec products. Customers can choose trainings about general topics or they can receive customized training designed to address the needs of specific applications they are developing.  


Basics of Image Processing

MVTec offers introductory and advanced product training courses for a wide range of image processing topics. These courses are held either by MVTec directly or a certified distributor. The course content can be adapted to the customer‘s preferences and may include topics such as:

  • Blob Analysis
  • Matching
  • 3D Vision
  • Calibration and Measuring
  • Classification
  • and many more


Customized Application-based Training

In addition to standard product training, custom-designed courses are offered by MVTec and related distributors to address a customer‘s specific application.


Customized training is designed to assist the customer with developing and implementing a specific solution using MVTec‘s products whether for standard PC-based applications or for mobile or embedded applications.


In creating a custom-tailored training course, the topics, duration and learning objectives are coordinated with the customer. Images and data taken from the customer‘s application can be used for examples and as part of the training material. This way, initial approaches can be developed in advance and presented during the course.

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