Automatic gas cylinder re-test line

The Swiss Safety Center AG is part of a center of excellence in technical safety and risk management. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for industry, retail, and commerce.

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For a company in the food industry Swiss Safety Center, a MVTec Certified Integration Partner, developed a fully automatic machine called Autosonic™ mini+ Auto. This machine is capable of retesting gas cylinders and performs a set of inspections in a complete and fully automated process to reduce labor costs and the risk of typos, using machine vision and OCR algorithms. The Swiss Safety Center converted a manual or semi-automatic process into a completely automatic one, which generates a lot of added value for the customer:

  • Minor labor costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced risk of incorrect data (human reading & typing, data manual merging, etc.)
  • All data converge in one platform (easier data management).

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