| Tutorial, Deep Learning, MERLIC

Deep OCR with MVTec MERLIC

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use MVTec MERLIC’s “Read Text and Numbers with Deep Learning”-Tool.

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You will learn about the advantages of Deep OCR over regular OCR, how to visualize the different detection results using the parameter “Score Type Visualization”, the difference between the “detect and read” and the “read” mode and how to use the deep learning accelerators OpenVINO and TensorRT.

0:00 - Introduction
0:39 - Advantages of Deep OCR
1:22 - Going through the MERLIC Vision Application
1:54 - The “Read Text and Numbers with Deep Learning”-Tool
2:50 - Adding a Region of Interest and the “Read” mode
4:53 - Further processing of the reading results
5:18 - Alternative Tool Flow
6:04 - Improving the processing time
7:43 - Reading of live data
8:02 - Outro

In this video our easy-to-use machine vision software MERLIC 5.1 is used.