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Process integration with MVTec MERLIC

MVTec MERLIC is the all-in-one software for machine vision without the need for programming. One important feature is the process integration, which is explained in this video.

Users can easily integrate their MERLIC-based vision solution into their production lines, because MERLIC is able to communicate with many common industrial protocols like EtherCAT, PROFINET, etc.

Triggered by a PLC, MERLIC can perform a predefined machine vision workflow for, e.g., defect detection. MERLIC reports the inspection results back to the PLC, which then uses these to control the production flow. If MERLIC reports a defect, the PLC can remove the part from the production line.

Today's production is also increasingly challenged with the manufacturing of small batch sizes. Therefore, the whole production line must be quickly adjustable. MERLIC supports this with so-called recipes, which allow the PLC to reconfigure the active application, or even have MERLIC load a completely different vision app.

Merlic progress integration screenshot

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