Videos & tutorials

On this page you will find various videos and tutorials about our software products HALCON, MERLIC and the Deep Learning Tool.

If you are completely new to HALCON or MERLIC, these are a few tutorial recommendations to get you started:

Line Scan Camera scanning an object
In this tutorial we go more in depth about using line scan cameras with MVTec HALCON.
In this video, we would like to give you a first introduction to line scan cameras.
In this webinar, Jan Gärtner (Product Manager HALCON) und Peter König (Application Engineer) guide you through the new features of the HALCON 23.05…
In this tutorial, you’ll learn you will learn about XYZ mappings in MVTec HALCON, why they are useful, and how to work with them efficiently.
In this tutorial, we’ll have a look at 3D object models within MVTec HALCON.
In this tutorial, you will learn about using deep-learning-based global context anomaly detection in MVTec HALCON.
HALCON 22.11 available since November, 22th! MVTec HALCON is a comprehensive standard software for machine vision for individual applications in…
Having supermarket shelves filled with products throughout the day can be a daunting and repetitive task.
Another successful implementation of HALCON’s deep learning technologies in the classification of leather types and quality inspection with two…
MVTec’s research department has taken anomaly detection to the next level with a comprehensive dataset and created 30 different anomaly detection…
MVTec’s HALCON developed a combination of rule-based and deep-learning-based approaches for faster, easier and more precise defect detection in the…
mvbites halcon
Using MVTec’s HALCON deep learning, the quality control system for baked goods is able to analyze up to 140 pieces per minute 24 hours a day!