Services & Support

With a wide range of service and support options MVTec supports you to realize your machine vision task in the best possible way. The aim of our experts is to enable you to use MVTec products so you can deploy successful machine vision projects.

Service from the beginning

To ensure that you successfully implement your machine vision projects, our experts are available to assist you, for example with feasibility studies or free application evaluation.

You can also count on us when it comes to port our software to your platform. In our product-specific training courses and in workshops tailored to your needs, you will receive suitable application support - online or in person.

You need software support?

Whenever you need help using our software your contact person at MVTec or your local distributor will be happy to assist you.

Please do not forget to specify your system environment, i.e. the software version used, the computer/processor type, the operating system etc. as well as the exact error message. In addition, if you have questions about HALCON, it can be helpful to send a short HDevelop program and the corresponding image so that your contact person can reproduce the problem directly.

Image acquisition devices: If you have problems with an image acquisition interface of MVTec HALCON, first make sure that the computer you use meets all system requirements of the interface; in particular, the correct driver version must be installed. If you place a support inquiry to a framegrabber board, please do not forget to name all used hardware and software components.

If you do not yet have a contact person, please contact us or one of our qualified local distributor.

Further Information