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Run HDevelop programs within your C++, Visual Basic .NET, or C# application

HDevEngine - the "HDevelop Engine" - is a library that acts as an interpreter and lets you directly load and execute HDevelop programs and procedures from within your C++, C#, or Visual Basic .NET application.

With HDevEngine you can dynamically query the interfaces of loaded HDevelop procedures.

HDevEngine enables you to call procedures by passing corresponding input parameter values and retrieving output parameter values. HDevEngine also supports you by its exception handling.



Working with HDevelop - the "traditional way"

Working with HDevelop
  • Rapid prototyping of the vision program within HDevelop's interactive development environment. Then, export the program as C++, C, C#, or Visual Basic code.
  • If necessary, add code for a specific user interface or for the process integration. Then compile the application.
  • Execute the application. Any changes require compiling it again.

Working with HDevelop and HDevEngine - the "smart way"

Working with HDevEngine


HDevEngine lets you directly integrate HDevelop Code into your application. By this, you can change your application without the need of compiling it again.

Furthermore, when executing HDevelop procedures inside a C# or C++ application via HDevEngine, the machine vision part of the application can be debugged directly within HDevelop – even remotely – by connecting it with HDevEngine.

Typical use cases are: update an application or adapt it to changing productions, or adapt it to customer-specific needs.