mvtec academy


Review our help page to quickly find answers to common questions about MVTec Academy.

How can I register for MVTec Academy?

We have one registration page for all learners:

The access to the academy requires an MVLogin. If you don't have an MVLogin account yet, you can create one here:

You can also follow the steps in our how to video: Video: How to get access to the MVTec Academy.

Technical requirements for a successful Academy experience

Our training courses in MVTec Academy are optimized to work with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Please make sure to use one of these browsers. Even switching between those two sometimes helps to solve technical difficulties.

Secondly, please try disabling any Plugins/Add-Ons/Extensions on your browser and empty the cache if you still have technical issues.

If you still experience technical problems, please reach out to

Who to contact for feedback and questions?

If you encounter technical issues during your courses or if you spot potential errors in the exercises/solutions, please send an email to and provide us with both your question and a screenshot.