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MVTec HALCON is the comprehensive standard software for machine vision with an integrated development environment (HDevelop) that is used worldwide. It enables cost savings and improved time to market. HALCON’s flexible architecture facilitates rapid development of any kind of machine vision application.  

HALCON provides you with continuous access to the latest technologies to solve machine vision applications. Find out more about the different editions and their release cycle.

HALCON 22.05 Progress – Surfing the wave of excitement

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More about the latest Progress version here

The new version HALCON 22.05 seamlessly follows the previous releases: As usual, customers can look forward to both new features and useful enhancements of existing technologies: 

  • Global Context Anomaly Detection
    The "Global Context Anomaly Detection" technology available in HALCON 22.05 is a world first in its form. As an extension of the deep learning technology "anomaly detection", this feature opens up completely new application areas by allowing the detection of logical anomalies in images.
  • Individualized training for OCR applications
    Using HALCON’s Deep OCR, you can efficiently address OCR applications for a variety of application areas. With the individualized training for OCR applications, you'll improve results, enhance usability, and make applications even more robust.
  • Optimized print quality inspection of ECC200 codes
    With HALCON version 22.05, print quality inspection (PQI) of barcodes and data codes is now faster and even more robust.

HALCON 22.05 offers even more improvements – for example, a new operator that helps to optimize image contrast locally. Another new operator permits image smoothing with randomly shaped regions.

Read all detailed information about the improvements and new features here. You will also find useful information in the technical documentation and in our New Feature-Leaflet

Download the latest HALCON version now  Learn more about the latest version


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HALCON Steady releases every two years

HALCON 20.11 brings optimizations for a number of core technologies like surface-based and shape-based matching. With "DotCode", a new 2D code type has been added and with another new feature called "Deep OCR", MVTec introduces a holistic deep-learning-based approach for optical character recognition (OCR). 

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! With "deep learning edge extraction", HALCON 20.11 also brings a new and unique method to robustly extract edges. Especially for scenarios where a variety of edges is visible in an image, or when dealing with low contrast and high noise, deep learning edge extraction outperforms conventional edge extraction filters. 

Learn more about the new features of HALCON 20.11 or download the latest HALCON Steady version directly.  

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MVTec HALCON offers you all the advantages of a commercial, proprietary machine vision standard software. You benefit from an end-to-end solution for all machine vision tasks as well as short release cycles with continuous product optimization and function enhancements.   

MVTec HALCON offers a high-quality, quality-checked and secure programming code as well as clear licensing regulations. In addition, we accompany you professionally during the entire product life cycle, offer worldwide service and competent support.  

HALCON is used worldwide, find out in which applications

Read our customers success stories to find out how HALCON can help you with your application.

Latest HALCON news

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New maintenance release for HALCON 20.11 Steady

The newest HALCON 20.11 Steady maintenance release, HALCON 20.11.3 is now available for download.
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MVTec Deep Learning Tool 22.06 available now!

With this latest release, you can easily and efficiently label HALCON Deep OCR datasets.

Solve entirely new applications with Global Context Anomaly Detection in HALCON 22.05 – Get it now!

HALCON 22.05 is here! Download it now and profit from exciting new features as well as new improvements to HALCON’s core technologies.