Features of HALCON for embedded vision

Profit from HALCON's machine vision power on Arm-based platforms:

  • Access the full functionality of HALCON including its deep learning technologies
  • The AI² interface enables a growing number of AI inference accelerators to increase the speed using dedicated hardware
  • Execution of HDevelop programs on your platform (based on HDevEngine)
  • Ready-to-go: Simply download HALCON and it is running on your Arm-based platform without any need of further porting
  • Ready-to-use: System images with HPeek are currently available for Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson nano.

Sneak a peek with HPeek

Download HPeek now

HPeek is a free demo program, that allows you to get a first impression of HALCON running on your Arm-based embedded platform.

It shows key features of HALCON for these platforms as well as typical machine vision applications that are being executed directly on the device. This allows you to easily evaluate the performance of the software in connection with your own hardware system.

Furthermore, no extra license is required to run HPeek: After the download and installation, it runs out-of-the-box. If a progress license is available, HPeek even lets users execute their own HDevelop scripts on their embedded device without any need for compiling.

Internally, HPeek is based on the established technology of the HDevEngine.

MVTec also offers ready-to-use system images with HPeek. These are currently available for Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson nano.

Find the system requirements for HPeek here.

Supported Products and Platforms

We offer a wide range of supported devices and platforms. We even offer solutions which are customized to your needs, if there is no plattform fitting.

Please also note, that MVTec is conducting feasibility studies, helping you to develop proof-of-concept solutions for your machine vision task.

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