Work with HALCON

HALCON offers you a variety of functions to program and realize your ideal machine vision application. Find more information about all of its components here.

Components and Features

  • HDevelop

    HDevelop is HALCON's integrated development environment (IDE). With this, you are developing your machine vision application.
  • HDevEngine

    The "HDevelop Engine" – is a library that acts as an interpreter and lets you directly load and execute HDevelop programs and procedures from an application. This allows you to change the vision part of your application without the need of compiling it.
  • Programming with HALCON

    HALCON's open software architecture allows you to access defined data structures and thus to integrate HALCON with further software components such as a user interface. HALCON offers various interfaces to access all of its operators from programming languages like C, C++, Python, and .NET languages like C# or VB.NET.